Success Stories for Children having Special Needs and Learning Difficulties


"Special Miles have been wonderfully receptive to my son's needs, encouraging him through various
creative means. They are extremely adept at managing children s anxieties and bringing art the best
in them. They cultivate independence and self-pride as each child is able to see the accomplishments
of their own hard work. I personally love when my son is beaming with pride after finishing his cooking
creation that he has made in S-miles cooking class".

--H.W. | California USA--

“My experience at S-miles, turned out to be immensely fruitful and beneficial to my child. While my 
kids were having fun, they were still benefiting from therapeutic approaches that helped alleviate their 
anxiety and promote positively their social skills. Further, my kids were taught to deal with money in a 
creative and realistic manner. Thank you S-miles team”!!!

--C.P. | Khaldeh, Lebanon-- 

“I Know that as long as my daughter is interested, she will learn, advance, socialize, interact and eventually 
that means improve her skills and become happier. I think cooking works on her body motor skills while using
all her senses. This boosts her confidence. Dance is where she can 
and will express herself. Taekwondo and
gymnastics are good for now, but later on I think that 
yoga is ideal. Thanks for the love, care effort you put
in our kids. God bless you ladies. I personally 
do see the emotional and physical improvement.


--J.M. | Beirut, Lebanon--

“We really appreciate your effort into putting this questionnaire
to help assess our needs and create for us a right solution and
guidance to enhance our knowledge regarding our children. Our
purpose is our children!

Thank you"!!

--N.C. | Ain Saadeh, Lebanon--

“While greeted with smiles, lots of love and understanding Special Miles
team proved to be worthy and capable of working delicately with my
daughter. For me seeing her smile with a twinkle in her eyes was worth
the whole world”.

--W.F. | Ras EL Metn, Lebanon-- 

“Introducing individuals to an equipped multi-sensory environment,
attracts children and arouse their need to explore and enjoy their
time, while heightening their senses”.

--N.A | Metn, Lebanon--

“In my opinion, S-miles center has the most impactful
activities/therapies which positively influences the child 
and I highly recommend it”.

--A.F. | Kesrouan, Lebanon--

“At first, my son was very reluctant and trying new art activities. He fears new and challenging experiences.
However, after several sessions, he became more interested and involved in manipulating things using his bare
hands, when he used to make a fuss if anything messed his hands”.

--F.T. | Hamra, Beirut, Lebanon-- 

“Throughout my experience, social skills, taekwondo and
gymnastics have proved to benefit my child the most”.

--M.W. | Horch Tabet, Lebanon--